Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PPIF Books 1 & 2 - GAMES section!

PpiF Books One and Two - GAMES section

I have introduced this section to make learning elements fun! The learnt elements are revised here. PpiF teachers, you can check your students' understanding ability from this section. Have they grasp your lesson contents? If not it is no harm to repeat but don't dismiss it. Soon, there will be too much on the plate if each new element is not understood properly. Each Game section should take a very short time of your lesson. For students to respond to the activities, I suggest four colours (crayons, Stabilo pens) are enough. I always use only ONE colour for my written instruction. On my even number pages, the alphabet writings are in black (see book cover examples). This makes it clearer than being part of a kaleidoscope of images! However my drawings/illustrations are colourful to attract the students. Your student can use one colour for one exercise (see explanation below).

page 11
The Game section is to confirm Time Name & Time Value.
Exercise a - use pink
Exercise b - use blue
Exercise c - use green
Voila, the student is very happy with his artwork.
If the students are young, you need not insist that they learn to spell the names. This a music lesson not a English lesson. Take it easy!

Page 14
Exercise a - I would draw a box for them to write their answer.
Exercise d - Circle the stepwise notes C-D-E. I would draw a big circle round the three notes. It need NOT need be perfect. The less perfect, the beauty of the artwork!

Page 18
Exercise 2 - if the students are very young, leave this music 'mathematics' until when they are ready. I would box it and write a note for the parents - 'will do this later' and verbally explain to them (if you have the chance to meet them at the end of the lesson). They can understand the ability of their own children whether they are ready for such challenges. Many a times, it will end up the teacher doing the exercise than the little ones!

So much for the Games section now! Watch out more teaching tips from my next posting... Musically yours, Alice.

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