Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PPIF Book 1 - Terminology

Part One - Terminology

Your student has learned to sing, play and read Middle C to G in the treble clef; some quicker students have also played C to G (left hand) imitating the right hand by rote. Good! We have kept the quicker student interested and challenged!

Have you made the students aware of how these five notes look when written on the Treble Clef? How the notes written in ascending order - like taking a lift going up five floors? Most importantly, the student must visualise and understand the concept of written and aural (this takes some time to develop for some students) ascending notes. Also how these notes relate on the piano/keyboard - going towards the right of the keyboard (make a reference-the window or a clock of your teaching room). It is not easy for a student to understand your terminology 'going up' - 'going HIGHER'. Don't be surprised 'going higher' means lifting the hand higher off the keyboard. Don't laugh I have seen happened many times while observing classes! As teachers we have to be very observant that every word is properly understood. Higher or lower sound is a very natural terminology to music teachers but not to many new students. This is all for now - your TERMINOLOGY when used to your student!

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