Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PPIF Book 1 - Duet Playing

Part three - Duet Playing

Hurray! Teachers, we are coming to the end of the book! The student can now have a new experience - playing duet with a friend. So far, the experience of making music has been much to do with playing duet with you. You are in control of the situation. What happens now when they play by themselves? Is it difficult to play in a steady tempo on their own? Are they having difficulties to play together OR have you instilled in your student a good sense of rhythm and pulse? You can access their sense of pulse from this activity. You can arrange some duets for them to practise and enjoy more. You can also add another part above the Primo or stretch yourself with a lower part on the Secondo. There you are a rich sound has emerged! How about adding some percussion instruments to enhance the final music ensemble arrangement? Voila, from a simple melody, you have created a rich sound for all to enjoy. May I suggest that you add this to your concert programme? Have confidence - parents enjoy their children's performance of any level! Go ahead!

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