Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PPIF Book 1 - Rhythm verbalisation (Pg 27, 29, 35 & 41)

May I suggest to introduce pages 27, 29, 35 and 41 by verbalising (semibreve-ta-aa-aa-aa; minim-ta-aa-aa; crotchet-ta; quaver-te) and clapping along STEADILY first before actual playing on the keys. Please avoid counting (eg page 27) 1and 2and 3and 4and... Try verbalising tetetete ta ta. You will be surprised how more effective and more enjoyable than counting in numbers for the students to grasp quavers/eighth notes values. Again, if the little fingers are not ready to play - keep these as rhythm exercise pages - verbalising and clapping - such activity can break monotony in the lesson and also relaxes any stress in the class. Later when the student is ready quavers/eighth note can be played more evenly too - voila - go ahead! Have fun!

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