Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PPIF Book 1 & 2 - DISTANCE of the Piano Stool

PpiF Books One and Two
Pointers section (piano stool - distance)

If we are teaching students one after another, sometimes we tend to forget to adjust the distance of the piano stool. We take for granted that every student has the same 'fit'. The concerned question we have to ask ourselves - is the piano stool too close or too far from the keyboard for the comfort of the individual child? Again, a good prompter observation - watch the arms; the hands and fingers (are they cramped?). How about during their home practice - especially when a family has a couple of siblings practising on the piano? You can give some advice to parents that can be beneficial or your students should make it a habit to check by themselves. Some students have a natural instinct thus you need not worry!

Another very simple question - is the stool at the centre of the piano when the student is practising at home? They are seated at the centre of the piano under your supervision when in your teaching room. How about back at home practice?

This is all I have to share at this moment on 'teaching' the students to check on the distance of the piano stool for themselves and to sit in the centre of the piano width during home practice. You must emphasise the importance of these checklists.

Sit comfortably, sit tall!

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