Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PPIF Book 1 - Storyline (3)...

Pages 56-57 The White Knight:-

Alice meets the White Knight at the seventh square then the White Knight guides Alice to the eighth square - (hmmmmm?). Alice is now a Queen and there you are, three queens all appear! As we cannot single the Red Queen out for Alice, Lewis Carroll has generously pronounced all as queens - All shall be Queens!

Pages 58-59 All Shall be Queens:-

This tune is very singable - I would challenge my student to compose a B part to it by singing or playing some phrases. Teachers, you can encourage composition of a few phrases. You can help to guide them to balance their composition to the given A Part. Your student has experienced listening and playing many tunes of PpiF Book One. Don't be surprised by their response! Some can compose at this level! For quicker students you can challenge them transposing to G or F major. They might need your guidance for fingering and the key signature. Remember that for such expansion activities at this level, just playing by sense is good enough. You can give them the notated score for confirmation if the student is ready to read the new notes later. Be very careful - avoid overloading the quicker students. This can be detrimental!

Have a beautiful day everyone! More posts to come on GAMES soon... Like in cinemas - next change, akan datang....

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