Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PPIF Book 1 - Bass Clef Notes & Page numbers...

Bass Clef notes
Page 42-43 Introducing stepwise notes G-A-B-Middle C
Page 44-45 Introducing stepwise notes Middle C, B, A, G
Page 46-47 Revising the above stepwise notes in ascending and descending order
Page 48-49 Confirming Middle C and G
Page 50-51 Confirming Middle C, G and the descending stepwise notes from Middle C with an exception of bar 12
Page 52-53 Confirming G notes with staccato articulation
Page 54-55 Revising the four bass clef notes
Page 56-57 Introducing new note, F using finger 5
Page 58 Double note playing by right hand
Page 59 Introducing new note, B in the treble clef; left hand playing and reading notes written in the treble clef

I wish the above pointers give you a clearer picture on the introduction of bass clef notes. I am ready to share more ideas if there are any further queries. Enjoy!

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