Friday, June 7, 2013

PpiF London Launch 6th June 2013

Thank you all for coming and supporting my book launch last night! It was a very successful launch - all thanks to all of you. A special thank you to Bl├╝thner for sponsoring and hosting the event, and Faber Music for being our distributor in the UK & Ireland. Without everyone, the launch would not have happened! Thank you all! Much love,Alice

PPIF Books 1 - 4 Manuscript Pages

PpiF Books (Manuscript pages at the back of each book)

The intention of the manuscript pages is for you to use it when necessary. It is packed in the repertoire book simply to keep all materials (repertoires + theory + manuscript pages) in one book - a 3-in-ONE music book - attractive and compact! Many a times students forget to bring one of the books or all the books. Let's help to make the situation easier for the younger children or busy parents or nannies.

The space in between the five lines are wider than most manuscript papers - this is intentional. This facilitates easy reading and writing for younger students. Make a good use of the given manuscript pages. Voila!

PPIF Books 1 & 2 - Pointers Section

PpiF Books One and Two

Pointer section (holding each note to its full value)

Very often the students do understand the note values (eg crotchet=1, minim=2, semibreve=4); BUT when performing, they do not hold onto the full value. The result is a rather non-legato performance. The students have to be made aware from the verybeginning of their studies that it is necessary to observe this point. Your model performance can enhance this discussion further. Play two versions - the correct and the incorrect versions. Ask the students to listen carefully and describe the difference. I stress again that LISTENING is always an important tool for learning music. Discuss with them and share with them that the version (holding onto the notes to their full values) can make the melody more musical and attractive. Start discussing with your students, friends of PpiF.