Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PPIF Book 1 - Let's do some fun drawing + stickers! (For both students & Adults)

PPiF Book One:

Are your children or yourselves doing some drawing in accordance to each piece. Your student can draw in accordance to the title of each piece. The stickers are there for you to use at your discretion. A suggestion: the big stickers can be used for encouragement as a reward sticker for being able to play beautifully or when the student has memorised the piece, the smaller stickers can be used for completing GAMES activities. Children and adults like stickers! There is a child in each adult.

On the even number pages, space is left deliberately for you to illustrate (use that a white teaching board) when introducing the piece. I have some examples on the book cover itself. I am sure your illustration can be very interesting and creative! Just feel free and show your creativity. Go ahead and enjoy!

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