Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy belated Easter wishes... From both of us in Taipei, Taiwam

Hi everyone,  apologies for this belated Easter well wishes. I want to share with you the exciting moment when the display of Easter eggs - very huge and mini ones... It is very exciting to see the creativeness of the commercial sector!!!... This year we see eggs packed along not only with bunnies but with chickens, duckies and teddy bears (???)... Nonetheless it is the season to celebrate the resurrection of Christ... If you enjoy music, compose a tune for post-Easter and share with all PPiF enthusiasts... How about with these few notes as the melodic stimuli - mi-fa-so-so-so-do'-so???... (to any rhythmic pattern).  Have fun!!!... With best regards from Taipei, Taiwan - Alice Chua & Mitra-Alice Tham

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